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1st year
Company visit to UCO
UCO donated all materials necessary for the personal designs in denim to the first year's students.  
The Fashion Department hereby expresses special thanks to Rinze Koopmans for his hospitality and this
praise-worthy initiative.
45 jaar Barbie
Cooperation with the Toy Museum of Mechelen. Participation in the exposition '45 years of Barbie' with graphical work
and a presentation of the skirts on a personalized Barbie.

2nd year
The FFI organised the annual exhibition of the historical costumes in the Forum of Modenatie - December 2004

3rd year
The FFI organised the annual presentation of the etnic costumes in the Forum of Modenatie - December 2004
Marjan Eggers enables a promising student to show his/her collection during the show 2004 at the boutique Louis, on the Lombardenvest in Antwerp.
The 3rd year's students worked on a project with the IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances). The assignment was
to create an individual concept for perfume, around the theme 'Nature'.
Le Vif / Weekend Knack Festival
The two laureates Helena Lumelsky and Hedeki Seo have shared the first prize of this unique event, organized by
Weekend Knack / Le Vif.

4th year
The FFI offers all 4th year's students the possibility to expose their collection during 'Vitrine 2005' in September 2005
Students of the Fashion Academy assisted backstage in the shows and showrooms in Paris of a.o. Dries Van Noten,
Véronique Branquinho, A.F. Vandevorst, Bernhard Willhelm, Haider Ackermann, Bruno Pieters
Thanks to the financial support of Siemens, Nathalie Van Laere gave guest lectures on pattern design to the students
of the Fashion Department of the Hogeschool Antwerpen.
Thanks to the financial support of Fortis, Emmy Mees, Chris Gillis and the FFI made a website on the Fashion Department
and the Show presenting all last year's students profile, work and cv.
It's Four
Eli Efenberger, Christoph Fröhlich, Christopher De Vos and Marga Weimans were selected to participate in the It's Four
contest in Trieste. Peter Pilotto was last year's winner of the Maria Luisa award.
Second Hand seconde Life
Julie Fogel made a silhouette for Fortis within the framework of the Spullenhulp (charity second hand goods) project
Show 2005 & High Definition Television
Thanks to the collaboration of Euro1080, the first High Definition   broadcasting co-operation, the show 2005 will be
recorded in HDTV, broadcasted and burnt on dvd.

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