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COCCODRILLO AWARD is given to Demna Gvasalia
Is awarded to the most creative shoe, includes 600 euro and a display in Coccodrillo, Schuttershofstraat 9 in Antwerp
during "Vitrine", in September 2005. The award is given out by Eddy Michiels.

WEEKEND KNACK AWARD is given to Christopher De Vos
Assigned by the fashion team of Pascale Baelden. The award goes to the most talented designer.
The award includes a coverage in the magazine Weekend Knack.

An amount of 600 euro goes to a promising student with a remarkable collection.

ASAP PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES (the first ecological photo-lab) AWARD is given to Hanne De Wyngaert
Photographic work for an amount of 750 euro awarded to the most photogenic collection by a 3 rd year student.

FORTIS BANK AWARD is given to Didier Van der Vorst
An award of 1250 euro to stimulate and support a future designer.

FEELING AWARD is given to Helena Lumelsky
The Feeling award is given out by editor in chief Lene Kemps, in collaboration with Sisley.
The award includes an amount of 1250 euro and a stage at Sisley.

CHRISTINE MATHIJS AWARD is given to Arienne Birchler
We remember Christine as an outstanding creative and commercial talent. Since 1980, she has advised and assisted
many designers in starting their own business.   In 1985, she was one of the founders of n.v. Dries Van Noten,
was the company's enthusiastic general manager for many years.   Her strong personality, her optimism and her
passion for fashion made an unforgettable impression on everyone who met her.
In honour of Christine and her passion for fashion, an award of 2500 euro is granted to the collection that embodies
this passion the most.

FRAGMA AWARD (in collaboration with Marie Claire) is given to Didier Van der Vorst
For the third time, the trend-setting Antwerp boutique Fragma and its exclusive media partner Marie Claire, assign
a special award to a student of the Fashion Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp (Hogeschool Antwerpen).
The award is granted to a student of the 3 rd or 4 th year, who presents the most sophisticated, individual collection,
combining new and creative elements with wearability and comfort.
The Fragma award includes an amount of 1000 euro, a special coverage in Marie Claire's Fashion Edition in September
and the opportunity to have one piece of the winning collection produced and set up for sale at Fragma.  
A first professional step in the right direction!

IFF AWARD is given to (to be confirmed)
An award granted to the two best projects by the students of the 3rd year. The award includes a trip to New York.

Bel Company offers the graduates the very last model of Siemens and wishes the students wonderful prospects.

Barbaix wishes to help and stimulate all students by donating an up to date machine for an amount of 865 euro to
the workshop of the Fashion Department.

AWARD FLEMISH GOVERNMENT is given to Christoph Fröhlich
The award of the Flemish Government from the Flemish Minister  for Economy, Enterprise,
Science, Innovation and Foreign Trade, Fientje Moerman goes to a promising student to encourage creativity.

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