Sofie Nieuwborg

Sofie Nieuwborg

Tell us more about your collection!

The title of my collection came to life throughout the creative process and by posting things on Instagram. I was always using the hashtag #mastering and I think that my collection is really about doing my Master’s in a school I attended for five years, a school that formed me as an adult. This is the last year of studying and, for me, the last year of being in a protected and hypothetical environment where I got to work out my ideas in a very free way. Something that’s also very important in my collection is the concept of time: things that change and things that stay the same. I tried to translate that into pieces of clothing. I’ve translated the concept of “constants” into sportswear, because sportswear for me is designed to do everything in. It fits well, it’s sturdy and you can go anywhere in it because it’s practical and durable. And on the other hand, I’ve made garments that feature dried flowers in between layers of tulle. These pieces are anything but practical or durable. Every time you wear them, they will wilt a little. The juxtaposition between the forever and the ever changing was an important kind of tension that I’ve tried to go for this year. Hyperfragile and hyperpractical.

Thank you

I thank the universe for the people who helped me master life.
Mum, dad, life is nothing without you.
Bro and sis, you are my roots, my base, I eternally love you.
Robbie thank you for pulling me tru, levelling me, talking sense in me,
being the most glorious spirit.
Charlotte, my blondie, who I started this journey with: we made it!
Mitte & Flo, your unconditional love pulled me true the last 5 years.
Max, thank you for showing my work true your beautiful eyes.
Victor, Thomas, Andre, Elie for your patience and heavy lifting.
Yvonne for guiding me in my drawing journey.
Walter, thank you for those two years full of learning.
Dirk and Heidi, so so grateful for your loving and humorous
accompaniment, THANK YOU!

I now walk… Into the wild.

EXPO 2017