Robbie van Mierlo

Robbie van Mierlo

Tell us more about your collection!

Since this is my final year at the Academy, a certain chapter is coming to an end. One that I have been focusing on for literally half my life. For me, things ending usually translate into transcendence so I wanted to create something more than just a clothing collection. I felt I needed to do more, so I created a concept called the “Epos of the Ego”. It’s a story that illustrates my life in a sort of fantastic, illusionary way. This notion translates my own inner, symbolic and iconographic spiritual world, in a way. I wanted to create a kind of ‘homo universalis’, a being that’s a philosopher, a poet, an artist, a designer, a dancer, an actor.

Thank you

My family and friends, with a few exceptionally;

Martine Vranken, the woman, the witch

Rob van Mierlo, the knight by your side

Martijn van Mierlo, who’ve danced to the beat of his own drum, like a true Aquarius would.

And it’s only fair to mention the Joan of Arc in real life, Jeanne Lensen

I want to thank Kim Thissen, Caro Deraedemaker, Lili Glavan, Willem Stapel and Simona Mikulova,  who’ve helped translate my vision with their visuals. Eleni and Konstantinia for their superior shoemaking. Art2C, Harry Schreven and Marjolein Venner for helping me figure out the jewellery and Ron for helping me build up the installation. Ria, Lammie, Anita, Esther, my Grandmother, Mariet, Regina, Marly, Marlie, Mirjam, Iris, Hildegard, Annie, Hettie and Tilla (every stitch counts) for their technical and stitching support during my studies.

Shayli Harrison and Sofie Nieuwborg for everything between work and friendship. As well as the teachers and the amazingly talented people from the Fashion Department of Antwerp who’ve surrounded me these 4 years.

And thank you to women in general, you’re the poet in my heart

EXPO 2017