La Belle est La Bete

This is the tale of the Beauty who is also the…BEAST. I dirtied the tale and made a new beauty. I show Belle, her modern self a Jekyll and Hyde personality, a WEREWOLF.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful FAIR MAIDEN, Belle, who was as clever as she was beautiful. However, every full moon since puberty she has been having NIGHT-TERRORS/NIGHT-SWEATS and in the morning finding her room in shambles, duvet torn, feathers scattered, furniture ASKEW: BLOOD, SKINS, HAIRINESS! She dreams of becoming a HAIRY, MONSTROUS, BEASTLY WOLF! Considering the history of people’s MENTAL STATES and VIVID IMAGINATIONS, she wonders, is she SANE?!? Pills, Bedrest. Lost between DREAMS and REALITY. Belle AWAKENS. Her ROMANTICIZATION of Fairytales and Nightmares ENDS. She embraces her BROKEN BEAUTY. Her FUTURE is WILD and FREE and she loves it.

I was inspired by artist Aaron Curry, George Condo, Matthew Barney, and readings from Fashion: Critical and Primary Sources: Volume 1: Late Medieval to Renaissance edited by Peter McNeil as well as Mythtym compiled and edited by Trinie Dalton. Other insIllustrations of fairytales by Anne Anderson and Arthur Rackman, Jean Cocteau’s film La Belle et La Bête, rabid animals, animal prints, fur, SWEAT, foam, horns, skins, FLORALS, BEDS, DREAMS, NIGHTMARES, Surrealism, Dadaism, Cubism, HYSTERIA, SANITY, CHAOS.



To all my family and friends that have been supportive, patient, and loving. (I know at times I dragged you into being in school with me.) Grace and Kenneth Dols, my sister, Katie, and, my practically twin, Chester. My inseparable best friend, Max, who believed in me since we met, and his family, who have been my family away from home, especially Annette.
Rita, Birgit, Birgit, Lisa Eck, Nicholas, Marco (I love my boots!), Dabin Lee (my collaborator for the jewelry), Ruben, Stevie and Lisa, Isabelle, Sakiko, the models for all our fittings: Karina, Erine, Simona, Deborah, and Arina.
Thank you to the teachers and my classmates for the wonderful time here in school together!

My Sponsors:
FurLAB- Thank you! Django
Van de Velde- Thank you to Lieve Vermeire and Evelyn Verstraeten
Also thank you to Bri McDonell, for taking me under her wing and giving me all the patience and support to keep me going. Thank you to all my teachers before I made it here.
In loving memory of Clyde Fowler.