My graduation collection is inspired by modular furniture and Meccano toys for children. I developed an alternative construction for garments. Instead of sewing a garment, I incorporate perforations at the seams and connector elements. The system allows pieces to be assembled without stitching.
I also constructed garments by combining primary shapes.

By laser cutting the material into a specific shape, the shapes be put together without sewing. I combined cheap industrial foam which resulted in a large and exaggerated volume. This material is contrasted with classic matte wools to give it a sense of luxury.

The large stiff foam shape gives it a childlike proportion, which contributes to the toy atmosphere. The result is a very playful collection that can be endlessly be adapted, connected, assembled, replaced.


I want to extend my eternal gratitude to:
Maakbaar, for their skill and flexibility.
Theo Eyewear, for this incredible opportunity and their support of the academy.
Lisa Ruyters and Laura Lemaitre, for their aid and technique.
Matthias Steenackers, for the love, support and for being a taurus when i was too much of a scorpio.