How to catch a fish

Last summer I read an article with one line that caught my eye: ‘We catch the fish faster than they procreate’. I started wondering if people were going too fast, wanting too much in a short time. But what is it that we want and what really makes us happy?

Since it is my master year, this started a thinking process about my journey. What do I want to show and what makes me happy? I want to take a step back. Sometimes quite literally with my feet in the grass, and create an open, free and fresh feeling. One that reminds me of being connected with nature. All of this to give you a piece of positivity and optimism.

Graphically, I am inspired by works of artists such as David Hockney, Alex Katz, and Ellsworth Kelly. Each of them show a different way of portraying nature. Regarding the design process, I combined my personal graphical world with elements and pieces of clothing I am surrounded by. For the garments, I wanted to look for fragility and find a certain sense of patience within myself, taking the time to make something by hand.
Some things you cannot rush, but in the end it will give you a piece of mind, and happiness. ‘How to catch a fish?’


I will be eternally grateful to my mother, for making it possible to follow my dreams, always making me smile, taking life not too seriously and being a true inspiration.