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Coordination: Patrick De Muynck.
Stage: All stage
Light and Sound: Ampli
Music: Alain Benisti / Cristine
Make-up: Inge Grognard for Helena Rubinstein
Make-Up products and team: Helena Rubinstein
Grime: Linda Bastani and Team.
Hairstylists and hair products: L’Oreal
Modelling agencies: Vision - Dominique - New - Models Office - Vision - Network – IMM- Nine Daughters and a Stereo.
Press & PR: Flanders Fashion Institute - David Flamee. Special thanks to Soraya Al - Abed and Vicky Van Broeck, Arteveldehogeschool Gent
Bar: John Verrept - Het Zuiderterras. Special thanks to Bacardi-Martini/ Vittel-Perrier/ Coca-Cola Light/ Piper Heidseck/ Carpe Diem- Red-Bull.
Backstage coordination: Chris Ingelrelst, Yvette and team
Office Management: Mieke van den Broek
Choreography: Geert Bruloot
Casting: Patrick De Muynck
Graphic Design: Chris Gillis
Web Design: Emmy Mees
Coordination posters, invitations and programme: Chris Gillis, Nellie Nooren
Special thanks to Yvonne Dekock.
Pre-press: Fotogravure Godefroit

We dedicate the show to Hieron Pessers.

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