Each year a selection of companies, institutions and organisations award our students for the graduation show!
And the award goes to…

  • CHRISTINE MATHYS AWARD goes to Amar Singh
    In honour of Christine’s passion for fashion, an award of €2500 is granted to the collection that reflects this passion the most. Christine Mathys was the co-founder of NV Dries Van Noten.
  • FLANDERS DC/UA AWARD goes to Aaron Hüttenmeister
    Granted to a MA student that stands out in translating his/her creative vision in a mature collection. The winner gets to participate in the Fashion Management Course of the AMS Summer School.
    www.flandersdc.be www.uantwerpen.be
  • NAAIMACHINES KLINIEK – BARBAIX goes to the Department
    Naaimachine Kliniek donates an industrial overlock machine Texi Quattro 24N PREMIUM EX, worth €1350, to the atelier of the Fashion Department to encourage the students in their collection work.
  • FLANDERS FASHION MAKERS AWARD goes to Pommie Dierick
    Granted to a student who distinguishes himself/herself by using very good pattern constructions. Flanders Fashion Makers will put their experience of manufacturing at the service of the winner to realize 3 prototypes together with their highly skilled staff.
  • IFF AWARD goes to Alexandre Warunek
    The winner gets a trip to IFF Paris and Grasse and the creation of an exclusive fragrance to represent his innovative concept.
  • LABELS & THINGS AWARD goes to Gabrielle Swarcenberg
    Labels & Things gives a student of the third Bachelor the opportunity to develop quality accessories in his/her MA collection with trims and headwear. The award goes to the collection with a distinct attention to detail and accesories.
  • MODE AWARD goes to Laura Meier Hagested
    An amount of €1.000 granted by the Department.
  • MOMU AWARD goes to Laura Meier Hagested
    This award is granted to a master student whose work stands out because of their unique grahic language. Images of their collection will be presented in the light boxes at the façade of the MoMu Café. They will also be featured in an interview on the website and magazine of the museum.
  • ROSIER41 AWARD goes to Pommie Dierick
    Viviane Van Werelyckhuyzen and team select the most ‘FUNKY’ collection. The student receives an amount of €500.
  • CATWALKPICTURES AWARD goes to all Master students
    Etienne Tordoir offers all masterstudents a series of high resolution quality catwalk images, which they can use for their own lookbooks, cv and social media.
  • ARTOS AWARD goes to Floran Polano
    The NGO Artos gives an encouragement award of 1.000 euro to a student in the second Bachelor.
  • FASHION FEVER AWARD goes to Frederik Liederley
    Fashion Fever grants a year membership to our fashion community with entrepreneurs, fashion professionals and suppliers in the industry. The award consist of 4 events on a current theme in fashion, 2 expert lunches where they can ask for advice and additional coaching.
  • BOTTER AWARD goes to Yue Kong
    Botter grants an award to the collection they esteem as having implemented the most environmentally conscious development. A creative mind facing the challenges of change as perfect duo, stepping into the New World!
  • YVONNE DEKOCK AWARD goes to Cezary Zalit
    An award for fashion drawing for the most artistic and personal fashion illustrations.
  • EE EXCLUSIVES AWARD goes to Margot Verstuyft
    A student of the third Bachelor receives the opportunity to develop a jacquard fabric for his/her master collection.
  • ESSENTIEL AWARD goes to Paula Van Dyck
    Essentiel Antwerp chooses a 2BA student to work with the Essentiel creative team in their 3BA in order to develop a mini capsule collection to be sold in the Essentiel shop in 2024.
  • LOUIS AWARD goes to Pommie Dierick
    For the most remarkable collection of the third Bachelor. The winner receives 1.000 euro and can present his/her collection in the window of the shop LOUIS in Antwerp.
  • MAISON ANNA HEYLEN AWARD goes to Sofia Rodriguez
    An award of 500 euro granted to a student with an eye for craftsmanship and thoughtful cuts.
  • MOVEX AWARD goes to Gabrielle Szwarcenberg
    For a student who uses leather in his/her collection in an innovative and creative way. The price consists of a trip to Ubrique, with a visit to the Movex Foundation and companies in the leather industry and the opportunity to produce a mini leather collection for free. The winner receives free materials and workshops in the luxury leather industry with access to all Movex leather professionals, technology and materials
  • THE FABRIC SALES AWARD goes to Annaelle Reudinck, Margot Verstuyft, Amar Singh
    An award for a promising student from the second and third Bachelor. The 3 winners can select high-end fabrics for a value of 2.000 euro each to be used in their master collection.
  • WEEKEND KNACK AWARD goes to Marcel Sommer
    Granted by the fashion team of Weekend Knack headed by Ellen de Wolf. The award goes to a promising designer and includes a fashion spread in Weekend Knack edition ‘Fashion, it’s Belgian’ September 2023.
  • SOFAM AWARD goes to Yuhei Ueda
    Sofam grants an award of 1.500 euro to a third Bachelor student in order to support him/her for their upcoming master collection.
  • USHATAVA AWARD goes to Hugo Brochen
    A price of €1500 will be given to the boldest collection by creative directors Nino Shamatava and Sanan Gasanov.