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Yonghao Xie

​​From: China
Age: 27
​IG: @yonghaoxiee

Inspired by Pieter Hugo’s photographic book ‘Permanent Error’, his work was taken in the early 2000s in Agbogbloshie, one of the most polluted cities of e-waste in Ghana. In my silhouette research, I analyzed how their daily clothing brings physical protection to them at work. Living in Europe for the past six years, I found that European sculpture has always fascinated me, so I tried to combine this with my themes by showing the beauty of wrapping the fabric around the body, while bringing a layer of body protection. The extensive use of blue in the collection creates a gloomy atmosphere, and blue also represents hope for a better future. Through this collection, I hope more people will pay attention to the serious environmental pollution that e-waste brings to our world.