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Dominika Grzybek​

​From: Poland
Age: 34
​IG: @domigrzybek_
Collection: IKEBANA

​The starting point for creating this collection was one of the oldest and most beautiful holiday celebrations – women creating and decorating bouquets of wheat and flowers, carrying them to religious services. It is one of the  most ancient celebrations of the ‘Mother of God’ –  originally a pagan holiday in which Mother Earth receives gratitude for the wellness it delivers. In this collection I wanted to go deeper and analyse how old traditions are being swallowed and adapted by current ones. The flowers which originally symbolize life, carried by women, are slowly evolving into decay.
In the collection I wanted to use different techniques that are heavily connected to Feminine Handcraft, which I see as a non-verbal language women use to communicate with each other over generations. I believe that regardless of the technique, what unites them is the arduous process of a thread tearing through different weaves and braiding together the story of our passing. In the collection I am also using vivid embroidery and hand-weaved “fur” structures. It was important for me to look for simple forms and create a world of ancient female vocabulary, evolving from one to the other.