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Ching-Lin Chen

From: Taiwan
Age: 29
IG: @the.chinglin
Collection: SIMPLY BLOOM

Because of Covid, I haven’t actually seen my parents for almost 2 years, I asked them to send me some documents about their past. After receiving their love letters and wedding photos, I attempted to be a part of their past through the concept of the “plain weave” technique.
​Due to the rectangle shape of the letter paper and photos, I experimented with the concept by using rectangular pieces of fabric with certain holes and moving them back and forth across the body, like each filling yarn over and under each warp yarn, with each row alternating.
​I want to integrate the geometrical elements and soft volume into the wedding collection. ​
​”I love you, but, I can’t get involved right now. I read your words, your past, and I want to be a part of it, to immerse myself in it and move quietly in the same sweet eternal love.”