Proud to present our 9 master students, check @antwerpfashionmasters for what they will have on offer or check their individual IG profiles here below!

Age: 27
From: Germany
IG: @julballardt

The source of the collection is a pool of personal analogue photographies, gathered over the last years. Exploring ways of making those visual mementos wearable was crucial.
Poetic punk, the garment construction borrows visually both from classical garments and from 70’s punk culture.

IG: @karolina.widecka
Age: 24
From: Ukraïne

The MA collection revolves around the topics of superstition, conspiracy theories and psuedo-spirituality.
Central elements in the collection are the prints, e.g. dollar bills, which have red underlinings of various subliminal messages or prints of declassified top secret documents. The concept of reveal and deception comes forward with see-through mesh and opaque tailoring fabrics. A symbol for “uncovering of thruth”.

IG: @isabellelempik
Age: 25
From: Germany/Korea

The collection is influenced by the marriage of my parents. My mother’s Korean origin and my father’s German background.
Integrated golden rings in the garments symbolize my family’s bond and unity.
My garments are multifunctional so that you can have a fully functional wardrobe with less pieces. I believe that a garment with more than one purpose will bring bigger and longer joy.

IG: @marieemartens
Age: 25
From: Belgium

Collection: SWANS
The starting point was Truman Capote in the sixties who surrounded himself with a group of glamorous women, which he called himself his Swans. Lee Radziwill was one of these Swans, known as the more fashionable sister of Jackie O.
Jackie’s niece and aunt were Little Edie and Big Edie Beale, known from ‘Grey Gardens’, an eccentric duo in their decaying house in The Hamptons surrounded by their cats.
I wanted to translate their glamour and eccentricity into silhouettes covered in sequins, hand embroidered matlassé and knitwear.

IG: @anneananne
Age: 24
From: Austria

Collection: LUXUS FÜR ALLE
I drew inspiration from random terms and sentences, that I found online, in fashion magazines and artworks. Their content and graphical representation interest me.
Furthermore, I looked into the streamlined, aerodynamic and stylistic design language of concept cars.

IG: @florentinalight
Age: 24
From: Austria

The main inspiration of the collection is the feeling of vertigo, Alfred Hitchcock and Louise Bourgeois.
Now I got inspired ad hypnotized by it. Dreaming and spiraling down into a garden of geometry and mysterious flowers.

IG: @sabrinapfattner
Age: 25
From: Italy

Collection: BOWS & POWS
My collection evolves around strong women. My research started out with The Cholitas, Bolivian women who wrestle in their traditional ethnical costume. Dozens of layers of crochet and lace skirts are twirling through the air as they are moving.
Captured by these pictures, I got more into masculine sports/activities practiced by women. I want to put this tension between strength and elegance into the garments themselves.
Crochet table cloths, lace, and curtains are stretched, turned and twisted around the body to create new shapes and movement.

IG: @nico_verhaegen
Age: 27
From: Belgium

Collection: STYX
The collection talks about a journey or pilgrimage to the north while on bike. Various elements of tech/sportswear and shamanistic garments form silhouettes out of scraps, found objects and dead-stock materials.

IG: @silvia.rognoni
Age: 26
From: Italy

Collection: MARIA
The collection is about a woman who is partially inspired by the protagonist of the marriage of Maria Braun by Rainer Fassbinder, or more precisely by any character with a strong external shell, but who actually hides a secret fragility inside.
She tries to fix what has been broken, picking up garments and putting them back together with the few means she is left with. She patches pillow cases and bed sheets she finds in the house, she gathers oversized blazers around her waist with huge safety pins to make them more feminine. She has to find the strength to move on and reinvent herself with creativity and poetry.
The rose motifs in the prints are inspired by the flowers by Cy Twombly. The roses are her secret garden in opposition to the cold steel she shows to the outside world.

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All portrait images by Marnik Boekaerts