Our partner Marie-Stella-Maris is serving you refreshing drinks with a social mission this weekend.

“Since introducingin 2012 we, together with our partners and customers provided €650.000 for clean drinking water.We have been able to support 11 projects and help more than 26.000 people with access to clean drinking water! “
Founder Marie-Stella-Maris Carel Neuberg

Marie-Stella-Marisis an Amsterdam based lifestyle brandthat believes everyone should have access to a source of clean drinking water. By offering natural care products, luxurious home fragrances and natural mineral water, Marie-Stella-Maris is dedicated to contribute. Having access to clean water will empower people to take control of their lives and build their own future. For each product purchasedMarie-Stella-Maris donates a fixed amounttowards clean drinking water projects worldwide.

Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation
The Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation is dedicated to increase access to clean drinking water worldwide. The Foundation realizes this through financially supporting projects focussed on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).The Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation has been able to support 11 projects, providing over 26.000 peoplewith access to clean drinking water. For more information please visit the foundation website: www.marie-stella-maris-foundation.org

Why Water and Care Products?
Water, sanitation and hygiene are the basis elements behind Marie-Stella-Maris. To realize access to clean drinking water, it is of great importance to also focus on sanitary services and hygiene. The direct link between clean drinking water and hygiene has inspired Marie-Stella-Maris to introduce natural care products (2014) in addition to their assortment in mineral waters.
The care products come in a variety of exciting scents and have mainly hydrating, nourishing and restoring effects.  Marie-Stella-Maris strives to be as natural as possible, meaning all care products consist of 90-100% natural ingredients. For a unique scent experience at home, Marie-Stella-Maris also offers a variety of home fragrances.

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