Why not get the most out of your visit since you’re in Antwerp for SHOW18? The city has a lot to offer as the cultural city festival ‘Antwerp Baroque 2018. Rubens inspires’ kicks off.  Dive into the fun, like a Baroque bon vivant, and enjoy every bit of the festive opening weekend. We selected some highlights you shouldn’t miss!


The master lives on in the Rubens House
Antwerp Baroque 2018 pays tribute to Peter Paul Rubens, making the Rubens House the perfect place to start your Baroque immersion.It is the place where the artists once lived with his wife and children, where he worked and took a stroll around the garden  It’s also where he kept his incomparable art collection and where he died in 1640. Rubens reveals his true nature in this house, his home.

Three in one at the MAS
The MAS’s guest is the leading lady of the Baroque. Michaelina shot to fame at a time when women artists were very rare. In addition to Michaelina, Antwerp photographer Athos Burez will have his first solo exhibition in the MAS. And last but not least: a masterpiece on the roof terrace, a 360-degree view of the city.

EXPO2018 @ Handelsmuseum
Don’t forget EXPO2018! You will get an interesting insight into the artistic process of the 9 master students, as well as pieces by 1st Bachelor students who created dresses inspired by ‘Antwerp Baroque 2018’. You can take a closer look at the silhouettes and explore each master’s collection in detail. Which results in a different perspective of these collections on the catwalk of the graduation show.

A sunny walk in sculpture park Middelheim Museum
Experience Traps has plenty of surprises in store for you, with creations by Belgian and international artists who were all inspired by the Baroque landscape architecture. And during the opening weekend, one artwork really stands out: a lifesize replica of Stonehenge recreated as a jumping castle. Why not go for a jump?


Baroque shock at the M HKA
In the exhibition “Sanguine | Bloedrood” the work of Baroque masters will be confronted with that of leading contemporary artists. The key work in the exhibition is Five Car Stud, a masterpiece by Edward Kienholz.The large lifesize sculptural installation shows the execution-like castration of a young Afro-American in the South of the US as a reprisal for alleged sexual relations with a white girl. After almost fifty years, (Five Car Stud was created in 1969-1972) the work has lost none of its expressive power, powerful symbolism and urgency.

Baroque in the Antwerp streets
Stroll around in the Antwerp streets and discover the city’s newest baroque murals: The Antwerp street artist Yvon Tordoir invited three other artists to create large murals in the city. Festive activities will take place near one of the murals on Sunday 3/6.

SOFT? Tactile Dialogues
MoMu the Antwerp Fashion Museum is closed for renovations, but open to inspire at other locations. From 28/09 MoMu presents the exhibition SOFT? Tactile Dialogues at the Maurice Verbaet Center in Antwerp. This will mark the first time that MoMu takes its focus away from fashion. It will present work from its own collection by Belgian textile artists from the 1970s and 1980s in an inspiring dialogue with contemporary artists who express themselves freely in textiles.

Still can’t get enough? Discover all about the festival on www.antwerpbaroque2018.be and everything else you can do in Antwerp on www.visitantwerpen.be.