We continue to tease with what our 9 master students will have on offer for SHOW2018, last but not least is Stefan Kartchev on his collection ‘Ambivalence’ !

I’m using Bulgarian orthodox liturgical wear as an inspiration for the shapes and as a general influence but I mixed it up with sportswear and a lot of other concepts I find aesthetically pleasing. The things sparking my creativity are rarely rooted in fashion. I was drawn to backdrops, spaces and shops I’ve visited in Bulgaria and I looked at Bulgarian religious advertising as well. People in Eastern Europe are still hoping for their faith to bring them a better future. You’ll see ads for fortune-tellers or religious services everywhere and the graphics are quite amusing because of their lower quality image resolution and brightly coloured typography. I also played around with irony. Certain volumes were inspired by worn-down advertising banners, street surroundings and motorcycle covers. The end result is a combination of all of this and more. I don’t create a collection piece by piece, it goes through a process of mixing everything together. I actually started some pieces over, so it’s hard to talk about at this point in time.’ (laughs)

Don’t forget you can also take a closer look at each master’s collection in detail at EXPO2018!

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