We continue to tease with what our 9 master students will have on offer for SHOW2018, meet Michal Gruca on his collection ‘Your Hands Are Sweaty’ !

I’m rather shy and quiet and in social situations I want to disappear most of the time. (laughs) So instead of looking at that as a negative it became the initial inspiration for my Master’s collection. I thought it would be nice to make my models disappear, in a way and I started looking at the way battle ships during WWI & WWII were camouflaged with abstract patterns to dazzle the oponent. When you looked at the ships through a periscope, you couldn’t tell which way it was going. Other inspirations included quilts by Susana Hunter, a simple farmer woman from Alabama. Between 1930 and 1970 she created improvised patterns with found materials. I find them very beautiful so I decided to use a lot of bold prints that have a retro, nostalgic feel. Also, it was important for me to create a romantic but at the same time cheeky and sexy vibe, like the one seen in 70s male erotica, which I translated into soft draped shapes with a lot of flow. What I want to achieve with this collection is a really fluid line and abstract entity, so that when you see it in its entirety you don’t know what is what.’

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