We continue to tease with what our 9 master students will have on offer for SHOW2018, next up Noa Kapchitz & Elijah Schali on their collection ‘α’ !

Elijah: ‘Noa and I are constantly soaking up material that we find interesting. Going to exhibitions, looking at photography or artists we find fascinating… We’ve been collecting lots of books that enthrall us and all this information sifted through our eyes started forming the framework for this collection.

Noa: ‘We were inspired by traditional clothing from certain Ethiopian tribes, where they wear a lot of leather skirts with metal rings. These particular pieces still look super contemporary, especially the way they are draped. We both reacted to it and since Elijah is focusing on leather again it was a good starting point. We were also inspired by 1920s couture beause it evokes a luxurious but relaxed atmosphere. We like things to be raw, but at the same time we’re also focused on creating elegant pieces.

Don’t forget you can also take a closer look at each master’s collection in detail at EXPO2018!

Read the full conversation in our official magazine available at SHOW2018.
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