We continue to tease with what our 9 master students will have on offer for SHOW2018, next up is Shayli Harrison on her collection ‘Crimes Against Nature’ !

This collection is based on my life in Western Australia, growing up surrounded by native bush-land near the ocean. I’m very much tied to the landscape there. The scenery is so amazing and you don’t really grasp that until you leave. My parents and grandparents each owned a bus, so every chance we got, we would all go drive for hours and hours. We would stay in the national parks and go fishing, bush-walking… I spent a big part of my childhood just being outside. It’s something that I really missed when I came to Antwerp. Last year, I took a year off and got to experience that again. All of this inspiration ties in with me seeing an exhibition that friends of mine, Loren Kronemyer & Ian Sinclair put on.

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