Here’s a little taste of what our 9 master students will have on offer for SHOW2018, third up is Gennaro Genni Velotti on his collection ‘LIBERA’ !

‘Libera’ is the female version of the Italian word for free, so the connotation is ‘free woman’, which is the main inspiration for this collection. I took the title from a movie set in my hometown of Naples. The film directed by Pappi Corsicato is divided into three different stories, each with a different female protagonist. For me, the most important story is called ‘Carmela’. It’s about a man who people think is a woman living with her son and then later explaining to the boy that she is actually his father. It’s a little bit abstract and surreal, but for me it was all about the duality: the idea that the figure of a woman can be a man and a father and a mother. It has a direct link to my life and my mother, who carried the weight of an entire family on her shoulders and who is very important to me. ‘

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