Here’s a little taste of what our 9 master students will have on offer for SHOW2018, first up is Predrag Petrović on his collection ‘PULS ASFALTA’ !

‘When I’m designing I’m not preoccupied with what people want to wear. I want to give them options, or a fantasy. For this collection, I was inspired by ‘TV Pink’, a music television channel in Serbia.The music videos they play are mostly by folklore singers. They also stage these huge events where all the local celebrities come to lip-synch. That was one part of the inspiration. I also watched a cult documentary on the Belgrade criminal underworld in the 90s. It’s called ‘Vidimo se u čitulji’ which means “I’ll see you in the obituary.” It’s about the rise of underground crime and how it escalated in 90s Belgrade. Young people who wanted to become a myth by appearing on a death list in the newspaper. I thought about privilege and about how people perceive wealth and class in Eastern Europe as opposed to the West.’

Don’t forget you can also take a closer look at each master’s collection in detail at EXPO2018!

Read the full conversation in our official magazine available at SHOW2018.
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