The final 3 masters sharing a preview of  their SHOW2017! Don’t forget you can also take a closer look at each master’s collection in detail at EXPO2017!

Name: Iuliia Gulina
Origin: Russia

Tell us more about your collection!
I never have this one inspiration that I base a collection or garment on. The influences keep coming in, there’s always something that inspires me and I keep going in different directions. In the beginning I was inspired by a Dutch artist called Marliz Frencken. The most interesting to me were her glass sculptures. The ones I was drawn to were depicting different girls in provocative ways. For instance, she put the Virgin Mary in a bra and covered her in diamonds and pearls. I was like: “Wow, she is crazy!” She also uses these pinks and greens and loud colours and as you can see by what I’m wearing, I’m really into that. But she also mixes all types of items and materials and it still looks super nice. So that made me want to use bold combinations. Like mixing more ‘erotic’ fabrics with old-fashioned ones.

Name: Marta Twarowska
Age: 30
Origin: Poland

Tell us more about your collection!
This collection doesn’t have an overall concept but it’s connected to my memories and the way I grew up in post-communist Poland. As a child, we literally had nothing. I don’t remember it very well, but my parents said that, for example, the stores were empty except for this one thing that got delivered, so you just bought 12 irons if that’s what they had. It was hyper-reality, in a way, because everybody had the same things. Any house you would enter, you’d see the same type of carpet, the same type of curtains. Everything was the same. You could consider them all to be super ugly when looking at the design, but I find beauty in ugly or kitschy objects. It’s not just about this, but that’s how I would explain the title.

Name: Sanan Gasanov
Age: 24
Origin: Russia

Tell us more about your collection!
I think a collection’s concept should be something organic. This year, I didn’t feel like doing a lot of research on historical costumes or heavy subjects that don’t feel modern to me. I’m from a rather conservative family and my mother was always asking me why I got into art, since “we’ve never had artists in our family”. So I went through my relatives’ archives to see what was there and decided that I would show her that we do have artists in our family. I looked at all these beautiful embroideries my grandma made by hand seventy years ago. They are still modern. A funny detail is that she made every design three times -for her two daughters and herself- and at first glance they all look the same, but in fact they are slightly different. To be honest, some of these visuals are a bit weird which makes them even more amazing. To know that they all came from my grandma’s imagination blows me away.

♥ to Dominique Nzeyimana & for the interviews.