Check out what our master students will have in store for you at SHOW2017! Don’t forget you can also take a closer look at each master’s collection in detail at EXPO2017!

Name: Maximilian Welsch
Age: 25
Origin: Germany

Tell us more about your collection!
I have multiple inspirations and influences, so the general concept is a bit complex. You could look at my Master’s collection as a type of self-curation, a curation of garments. I was looking mainly at very mundane things. I like the idea of the near-sexualisation of the ordinary. Each year I’ve spent at the Academy has made me more confident about my work. Looking back at what I’ve created here, I like certain aspects but I would also do things differently. I question myself about my outlook on fashion and how it represents identity. There’s always a certain uniformity in fashion even though people might think they’re individuals in the way they dress. There’s always a yearning to belong somewhere, to find your place. Especially in my family, there’s a “fashion” part of my family and then…

Name: David Ring
Age: 27
Origin: Hungary

Tell us more about your collection!
The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the universe, so I was looking at overconsumption. I stumbled onto these pictures of astronomical piles of garbage and I was astonished by their visual impact. I combined them with Impressionist paintings and pointillism, the colours and stroke brushes. It made so much sense. Then I found art pieces by Christian Boltanski, who also uses second-hand clothing to make installations. Again, I was captured by how stunning it looked and I wanted to try to capture the beauty of garbage.

Name: Lukáš Spilka
Age: 27
Origin: Czech Republic

Tell us more about your collection!
I like the idea of the SpaceX Project, because I would love to see people traveling to and then living on Mars. At first it would feel like sci-fi but after a couple of years, it would become a new normal. The first people to go to Mars would go in a space suit but later on some kind of fashion influence would start to creep in. That was the concept I focused on for my Master’s collection. I designed a women’s collection for three female heroes riding a motorcycle to Mars.

♥ to Dominique Nzeyimana & for the interviews.