Second part of  the little taste of what our master students will have on offer for SHOW2017! Don’t forget you can also take a closer look at each master’s collection in detail at EXPO2017!

Name: Eduard Both
Age: 23
Origin: Belgium

Tell us more about your collection!
As far as inspiration goes, a few things came together. The first being a book called “Die Natur der Dinge” by Hans Arp, who is an artist that I’ve always been fascinated with. The publication mixes Dadaism and Surrealism, but it’s actually all just modern art. Very beautiful work, but I never really went any deeper into it. The book is actually a bit of an analysis of the relationship between the inspiration and the actual work of Hans Arp. What’s very important is that he has a very close connection to elements from nature, to the ancient, things that have always been, but in a very contemporary way. Most of the works are from 1926 but still come across as very modern. Secondly, I was visiting an art foundation, where I saw a collage wall filled with plastic shopping bags: very basic, but it triggered me to work with plastic. I like working with contrasts. I also like the method Hans Arp uses: he wants you to let go of everything you know and become inspired by the origin of the object, the nature of things. Those were the two main starting points for this collection.

Name: Woojic Jo
Age: 31
Origin: South Korea

Tell us more about your collection!
I wanted to mix two inspirations for my final collection at school. It depicts what would happen if Mr Bean were a tailor. I’ve been a huge fan of Mr Bean since I was young, and I always like to add a humorous touch to my work. At the same time, I am really into classic-cut English styles. I created a twelve-suit collection with a funny feel, but I also designed loads of accessories like silk scarves, shoes, jewellery…

Name: Yuki Hashimoto
Age: 29
Origin: Japan

Tell us more about your collection!
I drew from several inspirations ranging from epic raves to boy scouts who go camping. And I don’t mean normal campsites or glossed-out parties; the camp-outs are taking place in stormy weather and at the raves there’s drugs, rage-filled and over-emotional teenagers, that kind of stuff. I really want to create a moody atmosphere. Erin Armstrong, a Canadian painter whose work I really like, also inspired me. I don’t know why it fascinates me. She covers up her subjects’ faces and uses houseplants in her work. It’s a bit dark and chaotic. I wanted to combine all these factors with a bit of madness mixed in. Plants make people happy, in a way, like flowers brighten things up, but I didn’t work with a white or clean version of happiness. The flowers have darker, more mysterious colour combinations.


♥ to Dominique Nzeyimana & for the interviews.