I have heard that orange is the new black.

Hey Miss!

My collection “MISS” is inspired by ”Orange is the new black”, the TV series based on the book with the same title. Piper is the main character and the story is inspired by real events: She is in her early 30s and gets 1,5 years in prison for a crime she committed in her early 20s.

Women in prison are deprived of their power. But by creating their own world, they are taking the power back. They have their love-stories, intrigues, problems and fun moments as any other woman.

In prison there is no option of what to wear, you get an oversized overall or an oversized t-shirt with a pair of trousers that are way too big, as if they would all be the same. But they are all different with their own personalities. Some are comfortable in this masculine oversized look and others would prefer to wear something more feminine and pretty.

To create these personalities each with different styles, they have to take what they have in prison: overalls, chains, sheets, a piece of the isolation cellar, toilet paper, love letters from the outside, mattresses and I noticed someone stole the suit from the director.

Some of the women have got caught in the past, they are still into the big powerful shoulders from the ‘80s. They have now developed their own ‘80s shoulder, inspired by the ’80s power suit.

To miss someone and to miss your love are very present facts in Orange is The New Black. This is not my story but unconsciously I have related it to mine. I have adapted my missing to the story. I have my lovely girlfriend in another country. Sometimes the distance is unbearable, I MISS her so much. I wrote her a love letter, pretendinh she is in prison, the letter came out as embroideries on a sheet which became a dress. Her name appears on my graphics and so do my own designed tattoos.

MISS is a word used in prison to designate old and respected prisoners. MISS is an expression of femininity. MISS is how your heart sounds when the world separates you from your love.

Please miss me, I miss you.


First of all I want to send A HUGE THANKS to my family, thank you all for supporting and believing in me. I always miss you all. I want to send a special thanks to my father Pierre, thank you for everything! You are the best. I also want to send a special thanks to my sister Isabel, my mother Petra, my grandmother Anne-Marie, Fassi and Nathalie.
A tone of thanks to Renata my love. Thank you for sharing this trip together, thanks for being my inspiration and thank you for standing my ups and downs. Looking forward to share my life with you.
Thanks to my friends Mourad, Mariona, Jorgina, Timo, Heidi, Jennifer and Maximilian, thanks for being here for me and believing in my work, it means a lot to me.
Thanks to Mariona, Jorgina, Mathilde, Sarah, Sara and Timo for the help with my photo shoot.
Thanks to TEKO stipendium for the scholarships I received during the years. Thank you Nils Amadeus Lange for believing in me and letting me work for you, the salary made my master year easier!
Thank you Yuhan for your help! I wish you the best luck for next year!
Many Thanks to my teachers and my classmates!