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Casper Werner

(Belgium) casperwerner@hotmail.com


The master collection contains 12 silhouettes inspired by the movie The girl on a motorcycle (La Motocyclette - 1968) starring Marianne Faithfull.

The main character in this movie is initially an innocent girl longing for a sexual adventure. She escapes from her ordinary life in a tight leather jumpsuit driving a motorcycle which gives the movie a rather erotic and exciting feel. The idea was to obtain a contrast between those two different aspects of the movie: a conservative and sexy look. The first part of the collection has a mix of seductive leather tight pieces in combination with more conservative details such as tight (pussy) bows in silk, leather and wool. The second part evolves towards completely zipped open leather jumpsuits, referring to the erotic key scene of the movie where the male character brings to life the girl's fantasies by unzipping her. An important focus in this collection was the creation of jewelled buttons and bracelets.

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